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I help creative entrepreneurs, coaches, and course creators to
clarify their message, attract their perfect people, and
grow their influence by turning their business into a brand.

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If you want to…

build a waitlist of dream clients eager to work with you…

sell more of your products and services at higher prices

…articulate precisely what you stand for and why it matters

…make your marketing super easy and shorten your sales cycle

…find the perfect topic for your TED Talk or your Amazon bestseller

be the obvious choice for interviews and expert panels…

…become recognized as a leader in your space…

build an army of fans who can’t wait to purchase everything you offer…

…then you need to turn your business into a brand.

What makes a
great brand, anyway?

(Spoiler: Your logo has very little to do with it!)

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I’m Linsey

I help tiny businesses brand big ideas so they can attract their perfect people, sell more with less stress, and be recognized as the leaders they are.

I know you already have an amazing product or service. I know you have people who love your work. I also know that you’re ready to play a bigger game — but you’re not really sure where to begin.

Here’s the good news — you already have everything you need to build a Brilliant Brand. You just need some help articulating your brilliance and crafting it into a compelling story. This is where I come in.

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