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“Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose and of action over a long period of time.”
– Bruce Springsteen

You’ve built a brilliant brand.

You have a Big Idea. You deeply understand your most important people. You know what sets you apart, how to talk about it, and above all, you know the value of your brand promise and how to keep it.

You’ve created your visual identity, crafted your messages, and planned your marketing. You’re all set to dominate your market and shine as the expert you are.

You love your business and working with your perfect people lights you up.

But there’s just so. much. to. do.

You want to focus on your zone of genius, not be wasting hours in Canva trying to build social media graphics.

You’ve got at least seven ideas for lead magnets but you’re not entirely sure which one is the best to create first, let alone how you’ll actually put it together.

And what about that launch you have planned? You need ads, sales pages, landing pages, slides…

There has to be a better way.

Turns out that managing your brand is a different beast than creating your brand.

Imagine having a creative partner who…

Helps you identify which projects will strengthen your brand and which ones you can put off.

Is excited to take over all your creative work and ensure that it’s not only on brand visually but that it reinforces your brand promise.

Understands which experts would be most beneficial on any project, knows where to find them and can advise you on which ones to hire.

Listens to your latest idea and helps you formulate a plan to launch it.

Is available to you every month, to help with all your creative needs. No more waiting months for a good designer to be free.

Has twenty years of experience across a broad spectrum of companies and projects.

If this sounds like just what you need, then let’s talk about partnering.

I’m Linsey

I help tiny businesses brand big ideas. As a brand strategist and designer, I work with entrepreneurs who want to tie all aspects of their business to one Big Idea. They’re ready to step into their potential, to expand their reach, and to unashamedly reach for more.

After twenty years in this industry, I know that design is not enough. If you want to grow and have more impact, you need to deeply understand your message and build a strategy for sharing it at every opportunity.

I’ve worked with everyone from household names to brand new start-ups but for the last decade I’ve been a microbusiness, just like you. I know what it’s like to wear ALL the hats — you don’t have time for anything that doesn’t get results.

I believe that everyone has a unique brilliance, but most people don’t know how to identify it and craft it into something that acts as a beacon to their perfect people.

It’s so important to craft a compelling brand story. Knowing who you are, what you stand for, and how you plan to show up is the key to more leads, shorter sales cycles, more influence, and a business that enables you to do, be, and have everything you’ve ever wanted.

If you’re ready, I can help.


Glow is a way for business owners to add a dedicated brand strategist and creative director to their team without the commitment of hiring an employee. Working in four week sprints, we’ll set brand and creative goals for the month and come up with an action plan to accomplish them. You stay in your zone of genius knowing that all the creative work is off your plate and being taken care of to the high standard that you spent so much time establishing.

What you get

Every month includes a 60 minute Zoom call to discuss ideas and plans and set goals for your brand for the next four weeks. We’ll develop an action plan of items to create, assign deadlines, and then move all that work off your plate.

You’ll get dedicated access to me for the projects we plan. With a Brand and Creative Partnership, you can be sure that your time is already locked into my schedule every month, ensuring you keep moving your brand forward. (For comparison, typically my custom projects are booked at least two months out.)

No more weekends googling Canva tutorials or spending hours searching Creative Market for templates. You get professional creative work, an ever-stronger brand, and your life back.

Potential projects:

*Not all projects are available in every package

  • Brand consulting – brainstorm ideas, shore up weak links, get professional advice
  • Marketing design – social media graphics, blog post graphics, lead magnets
  • Sales funnel graphics – sales page design, landing page design, webinar slides, ads
  • Print work – business cards, brochures, ads, swag
  • Web work – graphics, customer experience planning, minor tech help, general advice

For the past five years Linsey has been a lynch pin in our business.

She has an intuitive ability to understand what we need and want almost before we do and her positive and solution oriented attitude makes her such a joy to work with. Her designs speak for themselves.

After Linsey I wouldn’t let anyone else touch our designs.

Danielle Wilson

Founder, Sweet Peanut Clothing Company

Step Off the Creative Hamster Wheel

Packages start at


Glow is a minimum 3 month commitment.
Prices in USD

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I don't use all my hours?

When you sign up for a Brand & Creative Partnership, I block off priority time for your business in my schedule, so un-used hours are not refundable. In my experience though, the vast majority of business owners easily use the number of hours they buy.

Do I have to pay up front?

You can if you prefer, otherwise we auto-withdrawal on the first of each month.

What happens at the end of three months?

Two weeks before the end of your contract, we’ll discuss next steps. You’ll have the option of renewing, upgrading, or cancelling.

I think I need to rebrand... can you help with that?

I sure can! Book a discovery call and we can chat about options.

What Other Clients Have Said

This is OUTSTANDING! I can’t believe how well you translated our ideas into key messages and an action plan for moving forward. I love all of the ideas and can’t wait to go through this in more detail.

It is so nice to have this structure that helps to support our thoughts and how we can best take steps towards our goals (otherwise we get lost with so many great ideas and plans and not a clear strategy!).

THANK YOU!! I’m so glad we are working with you 🙂

Lauren Capozzi

Co-Founder, Thrive Health Services

I’ve been waiting for YEARS to do this work with you and it was just an incredible experience. Your guidance helped me incorporate my values into the brand promise for my customers.

I feel grounded in all my decisions because of this work!

Vesna Hozjan

Founder, EverPresent Giving

When I started my first business I didn’t know the first thing about branding – I thought all it consisted of was a logo; boy was I wrong… I made all the classic beginner-entrepreneur mistakes and I was definitely in need of help.

From day one, Linsey was extremely easy to work with; mostly due to the fact that she was totally patient with me and very willing to teach me what I knew almost nothing about. She came in and instantly gave our company a credible visual identity and took over the reins as Creative Director. From that day forward, that entire headache was off my plate and in immensely capable hands; you have no idea how valuable that is until you do it. In the 2 years since, the compliments I’ve received from the public and customers have multiplied by 10 times!

Hiring Linsey was the best decision I made for our company.

Michael Lavigne

Founder, Time Brokers

Ready To Get Started

Click the GET STARTED button to be taken to my inquiry form. Fill out the form and tell me a bit about your business to get the ball rolling.

I’ll send you a link to schedule a brief, free 30 minute call with me. Let’s make sure we’re each other’s perfect people.

Once we’ve spoken about your unique needs, I’ll suggest the package I think is the best fit.

Once we’ve agreed on the package, we’ll schedule your start date (typically the first day of the following month) and set you up for auto-payments.

Before we begin, I’ll set up a private workspace where we can share files, ideas, and discussions. I’ll also send over a welcome guide that will walk you through all the most important information you’ll need to know while working with me.

I can’t believe how it’s all come together. I had my business partner take a look at it for the first time in a long time today and her reply was “Linds, I want to hire you!” She said it’s better than she ever imagined that it could look and thinks it really is me.

I absolutely love the final product.

I know I am extremely particular and detail-oriented but there isn’t anything I’d change. So THANK YOU for everything!

Lindsay Reid

Owner, garnish + grace

Brand & Creative Partnerships

Packages start at


Glow is a minimum 3 month commitment.
Prices in USD

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