“Evolve into the complete person you were intended to be.”
– Oprah Winfrey

By all accounts, you have a successful business.

You’ve got clients who love you and offers that get results. You have glowing testimonials and colleagues who happily refer people to your services.

So why do you feel like you’re wearing jeans that don’t fit?

You really want to land those next-level clients but you’re struggling to see how to attract them. Your competitor has worked with at least three major names and you just know that she’s no more skilled than you are.

You were so excited when you launched your website, but now it feels somewhere between inoffensive vanilla pudding and an unmitigated dumpster fire. Your messaging is all over the place and your design has meandered so far from where you began that it’s like you have multiple visual brands, and none of them are good.

Marketing is just a pain. You keep wondering if a different platform would get you more traction but if you’re really honest, you aren’t entirely sure where the big clients are hanging out, let alone how to reach them. And you’re no longer confident that what you have to say is hitting the mark.


You have so. much. potential.

You know you are ready for more.

You’re ready for the next stage; to be the go-to expert being interviewed in the media, to have big name clients clambering to work with you, and to build a following under your own philosophy.

Don’t settle for a brand that can’t keep up.


Illuminate is an end-to-end brand reimagining designed to consolidate, streamline, and enhance your brand by pulling it all under one Big Idea.

This means we dig into everything.

We’ll start with defining your Big Idea and then build a creative strategy around it that allows you to rally your perfect people to your digital door. Next we’ll put the plan into action by designing, redesigning, and developing everything you need to show up and shine as the expert you are.

This is not another “website redesign”; this is a brand excavation and overhaul that will allow you to identify what’s working, shore up or discard what’s not, and finally reach the heights you know were meant for you.

I just want to tell you how grateful I am for everything you’ve done, all your expertise, insights, and great collaboration. You’ve really helped me solidify so much about my business and given me an incredible foundation now to keep moving forward. And you’ve done it all with patience, skill, and grace. THANK YOU!

Nicole Breit

Author & Creative Writing Instructor, Nicole Breit & Spark Your Story

How It Works

phase 1

Identify Your Big Idea

The most memorable brands are built around a Big Idea. This is the unifying thread that connects what you care about to what your perfect people care about, all in a space that your competitors are ignoring. This phase is about identifying and articulating your Big Idea through a combination of client interviews, market analysis and initial strategy. The Big Idea is the foundation of your brand.


phase 2

Build Your Creative Strategy

With your Big Idea in hand, we’ll identify our options and formulate a creative strategy around your best opportunities to stand apart. We’ll discuss your practical goals and brainstorm the strongest ways to achieve them. Our strategic decisions will be recorded in a written document that forms our roadmap for the creative work to come.


phase 3

Create & Document Your Brand Assets

In phase 3, we will bring our Creative Strategy to life, through all your customer touchpoints.

This phase can include new or refreshed:

  • Visual identity
  • Website
  • Slide decks
  • Social media design
  • Sales pages
  • Landing pages
  • Ads
  • Lead magnets
  • Printed work
  • Conference materials & swag
  • And more

Step Into Your Potential

Book a Discovery Call to chat about your project.

I’m Linsey

I help tiny businesses brand Big Ideas. As a brand strategist and designer, I work with entrepreneurs who want to tie all aspects of their business to one consistent Big Idea. They’re ready to step into their potential, to expand their reach, and to unashamedly reach for more.

After twenty years in this industry, I know that design is not enough. If you want to grow and have more impact, you need to deeply understand your message and build a strategy for sharing it at every opportunity.

I’ve worked with everyone from household names to brand new start-ups but for the last decade I’ve been a microbusiness, just like you. I know what it’s like to wear ALL the hats — you don’t have time for anything that doesn’t get results.

I believe that everyone has a unique brilliance, but most people don’t know how to identify it and craft it into something that acts as a beacon to their perfect people.

It’s so important to craft a compelling brand story. Knowing who you are, what you stand for, and how you plan to show up is the key to more leads, shorter sales cycles, more influence, and a business that enables you to do, be, and have everything you’ve ever wanted.

If you’re ready, I can help.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the process take?

Defining the Big Idea and building a solid creative strategy takes 4-6 weeks. The creation of brand assets have timelines that are dependent on what we choose to build. Typically though, most clients plan to work with me for 3-4 months, with deliverables happening all along the way.

Can you tell me more about Big Ideas?

Absolutely! A Big Idea is the intersection between what you care about, what your perfect people care about, and what your competitors are ignoring. Some clients choose to work just on this part of the process and you can learn more details about that here.

What if I already have a Big Idea?

Many clients come to me thinking they have a Big Idea but under closer scrutiny, it turns out it’s more a description of what they’re good at offering. A Big Idea is different; it’s more of a philosophy that captures imaginations among your perfect people. It both describes your work and is bigger than it.

However, this is why I start every project with a Discovery Call. I need to determine the best place to start and if it turns out you already have a solid Big Idea, we can make further decisions from there.

What do you mean by "creative strategy"?

Creative strategy bridges the gap between your brand strategy (what you stand for) and the brand assets (what everyone sees and reads). It can include items like marketing campaigns, sales funnels, lead generation, and website strategy.

I need a logo. Can you do that?

If we determine you need to create a logo as part of the Illuminate strategy, I will definitely make one. But I don’t do stand alone logos. The reason for this is that a logo built outside of a strategy is simply a waste of money. No one is hiring you because they like your logo design, and if you don’t build all pieces of your brand on a strong strategy, you will just end up wanting to change it.

Do you take rush jobs?

Sometimes! There will be an additional fee but occasionally I have room in my schedule for these sorts of projects. We can discuss on a call.

I need ongoing help! What can I do?

I love to build longterm relationships with my clients! I offer a brand and creative partnership program, Glow, where I work with a limited number of clients on retainer.

What Other Clients Have Said

I could not have envisioned (let alone designed and built!) the website that Linsey created for me. She made the copy come alive and up levelled the presentation of ideas to a whole new realm. The first sample she sent blew me away and I was amazed at how remarkably smoothly it all came together.

Linsey’s boundless creativity, knowledge of current trends and commitment to developing the site for the needs of my industry and the people I work with was evident throughout the process.

I appreciated her direction when I was unsure what was best and also her flexibility and responsiveness to my ideas and questions (even the silly ones). She is a knowledgeable guide, patient and innovative collaborator, and all around fabulous person to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend Linsey to anyone looking to launch a Big Idea! She is exceptionally good at what she does.

Karen Gilbert

Occupational Therapist and Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator, Karen Gilbert Occupational Therapy & Consulting

I have been waiting for YEARS to do this work with you and it was just an incredible experience. Your guidance helped me incorporate my values into the brand promise for my customers. An example just this week was I want customers to feel ease in gift-giving so, while we wait for the online store to be ready, I am happily committed to hand-delivering my local orders. I feel grounded in all my decisions because of this work. Thank you, Linsey!

Vesna Hozjan

Founder, EverPresent Giving

I can’t believe how it’s all come together. I had my business partner take a look at everything for the first time in a long time today and her reply was “Linds, I want to hire you!” She said it’s better than she ever imagined and thinks it really is me.

I absolutely love the final product.

I know I am extremely particular and detail-oriented but there isn’t anything I’d change. So THANK YOU for everything!

Lindsay Reid

Owner, garnish + grace

When I started my first business I didn’t know the first thing about branding – I thought all it consisted of was a logo; boy was I wrong… I made all the classic beginner-entrepreneur mistakes and I was definitely in need of help.

From day one, Linsey was extremely easy to work with; mostly due to the fact that she was totally patient with me and very willing to teach me what I knew almost nothing about. She came in and instantly gave our company a credible visual identity and took over the reins as Creative Director. From that day forward, that entire headache was off my plate and in immensely capable hands; you have no idea how valuable that is until you do it. In the 2 years since, the compliments I’ve received from the public and customers have multiplied by 10 times!

Hiring Linsey was the best decision I made for our company.

Michael Lavigne

Founder, Time Brokers

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Before we begin, I’ll set up a private workspace where we can share files, ideas, and discussions. I’ll also send over a welcome guide that will walk you through all the most important information you’ll need to know while working with me.

Shine As the Expert You Are!

Step into your potential and build a Brilliant Brand!

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