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Nicole Breit: Author & Creative Writing Instructor

Nicole Breit is an author and creative writing instructor who teaches students how to turn their memories into memoirs.

Nicole needed a new and up-leveled digital home to promote her online programs, while at the same time allowing her to showcase her writing, and celebrate the success of her students.


Visual identity
Logo design
Web design & development
E-book design
Social templates

The brand is centered around being an outlier, so when it came to designing the logo, we knew we wanted to stay away from expected representations of “writer” in favour of something more abstract.

We landed on a spiral of gold to represent the creative “spark” at the beginning of the writing process, as well as the continual spiraling to new levels that happens as writers create, review, and rework.

When it came to the website, we wanted to create a space that felt personal, warm, and welcoming to potential clients who are exploring difficult moments in their lives through writing.

Nicole has a strong affinity for Frieda Kahlo, an outlier in her time, so we drew inspiration from the colour scheme and tropical influences in Kahlo’s work. Handwritten typography adds immediacy and the suggestion of a journal entry, adding to the personal feel.

We wanted to keep Nicole’s marketing on brand so I also created some Pinterest templates, as well as branded headers for her social profiles.

A downloadable e-book was created in Canva, giving her a template she can return to when creating more digital products.

I just want to tell you how grateful I am for everything you’ve done, all your expertise, insights, and great collaboration. You’ve really helped me solidify so much about my business and given me an incredible foundation now to keep moving forward. And you’ve done it all with patience, skill, and grace. THANK YOU!

Nicole Breit

Author & Creative Writing Instructor, Nicole Breit & Spark Your Story

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