Spot is an innovative technology company creating an app that allows users to transfer micro amounts of money from any source, to any source, at a considerably lower cost than traditional methods. Spot hired me to help them brand their business.

We started with a brand workshop where we identified company values, dove into audience profiles, and considered the personality of the company. We continued to build out the Spot brand story over the next several weeks, ultimately uncovering Spot’s value for strengthening connections and increasing freedom for its audience. I used these concepts to create a visual brand story. The brand story makes up the first section of the Spot Brand Book, and is intended to help stakeholders experience what it means to be Spot.

Time Brokers interior pages

Visual identity was a big part of this project. We wanted to focus the logo on speed, security and the idea of movement.

Spot logo trial
Spot logo trial
Spot logo trial

Ultimately, we settled on a mark that has the solid and stable shape of a square, but the movement of the revolving arrows. There is also a negative space “S” that appears between the icon.

Spot final logo

In addition, I built a custom brand texture, and determined colour palettes and typography. All these items, plus rules for usage, were added to the Brand Book, and then carried out in business cards, letterhead, documents, and an investor presentation.

Time Brokers design

Since working with Linsey we’ve upgraded our pitch, our business plan, our stationary and now have a cohesive look and feel for all our materials.

Super fantastic job, we’re really happy with the results!

Chris Danek

Founder & CEO, Spot

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