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UBC Thunderbirds

I worked with the UBC Thunderbirds marketing department to create a series of assets to attract both players and fans. From team-specific recruiting presentations to large scale wall murals, the designs feature student athletes in action.


Graphic design

Recruiting Presentations

UBC Thunderbirds marketing helps team coaches share the Thunderbird story with potential athletes who would consider playing at UBC. We created a presentation that told a consistent UBC story for all teams, as well as team-specific assets that could be customized.

Murals & Banners

As part of promoting the UBC Thunderbirds around campus, I was hired to create a series of large-scale murals and banners (16-20 feet tall) to be displayed on the exterior walls of War Memorial Gym and interior of Thunderbird Arena. The murals depict the sports played in the specific venue, and feature game-play photos of athlete alumni. The focus is on volleyball, basketball, and hockey specifically, with one mural showing off the full range of sports played at UBC.

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