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Is your brand keeping up with your ambition?

You’ve got sales, happy clients, raving testimonials, and a growing business. You took the leap, went out on your own, and your grit and hard work have been rewarded.

Now, you’ve got a bigger vision. One that includes a course, a book, a signature talk, or a brand new set of high-end offers. You’re expanding your team, exploring joint ventures, and really going all in on growing a bigger platform.

There’s just one problem.

That brand you were so proud of when you set out to conquer the world is feeling tired. You’re adjusting to a new market and you need to figure out what sort of messages to send. Your website badly needs a refresh and you need to strategically pull all your customer touchpoints under one cohesive big idea.

In short, you aren’t sure how to bridge the gap from where you are today to your vision of tomorrow.

Let’s change that.


Ignite the Big Idea behind your brand

Part research, part interviews, part creative insight, we synthesize your dreams with the data to uncover the Big Idea that sets you apart.


Get your brand ready for the spotlight

For those ready for a refreshed brand or a rebrand, we’ll tackle everything from Big Idea to bottom line.


Keep your brand strategic and consistent

Brand and Creative Partnerships for those wanting to keep their brand strong and healthy for the longterm.

What Other Clients Have Said

I just want to tell you how grateful I am for everything you’ve done, all your expertise, insights, and great collaboration. You’ve really helped me solidify so much about my business and given me an incredible foundation now to keep moving forward. And you’ve done it all with patience, skill, and grace. THANK YOU!

Nicole Breit

Author & Creative Writing Instructor, Nicole Breit & Spark Your Story

This is OUTSTANDING! I can’t believe how well you translated our ideas into key messages and an action plan for moving forward. I love all of the ideas and can’t wait to go through this in more detail.

It is so nice to have this structure that helps to support our thoughts and how we can best take steps towards our goals (otherwise we get lost with so many great ideas and plans and not a clear strategy!).

THANK YOU!! I’m so glad we are working with you 🙂

Lauren Capozzi

Co-Founder, Thrive Health Services

I have been waiting for YEARS to do this work with you and it was just an incredible experience. Your guidance helped me incorporate my values into the brand promise for my customers. An example just this week was I want customers to feel ease in gift-giving so, while we wait for the online store to be ready, I am happily committed to hand-delivering my local orders. I feel grounded in all my decisions because of this work. Thank you, Linsey!

Vesna Hozjan

Founder, EverPresent Giving

When I started my first business I didn’t know the first thing about branding – I thought all it consisted of was a logo; boy was I wrong… I made all the classic beginner-entrepreneur mistakes and I was definitely in need of help.

From day one, Linsey was extremely easy to work with; mostly due to the fact that she was totally patient with me and very willing to teach me what I knew almost nothing about. She came in and instantly gave our company a credible visual identity and took over the reins as Creative Director. From that day forward, that entire headache was off my plate and in immensely capable hands; you have no idea how valuable that is until you do it. In the 2 years since, the compliments I’ve received from the public and customers have multiplied by 10 times!

Hiring Linsey was the best decision I made for our company.

Michael Lavigne

Founder, Time Brokers

Not sure where to start?

It’s okay, you don’t need to know which option is right for you. Book a call and let’s chat about your specific situation. We’ll pick the path that works best for your brand.