Quick-witted or intelligent. Clever.

Vivid or brilliant. Eye-catching.

The best brands are bright

A combination of a well-thought out, intelligent story and unique, captivating creative is my definition of a strong and sustainable brand.

The best news is, you already have everything you need to build a brilliant brand, you just need a guide to help you identify and craft the story.

This is where I come in.

I’m Linsey


Once upon a time I was going to be a draw-er.

I’ve always been a creator. Whether it was writing my own books, drawing rabbits in fancy clothes (seriously – 10 year old me had quite the sketchbook!), or making toys and puppets, if there was an opportunity to make something out of nothing, I was in.

Despite my dad’s best efforts to point me toward a career in brain surgery, I instead went off to art school, eventually getting my degree in Fine Arts.

It turns out that there weren’t a lot of traditional jobs for an oil painter and a printmaker. Fortunately, I was introduced to Photoshop and a newly available internet shortly after graduation. Once I learned how to “view source”, I taught myself HTML and refocused my career aspirations on “web designer”.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve been a graphic and web designer, an illustrator, an animator, a brand strategist, a texture artist for video games and a UX/UI designer for software.

I’ve worked with giant household names and freshly minted startups and today I work almost exclusively with solopreneurs to help them build out their brands.

If there’s one thing I’ve seen repeatedly throughout my career, it’s that every business has a unique brilliance that the owners don’t always know is there, and frequently don’t know how to bring out.

Whether your brilliance is muddied under too much advice, fear that you’re falling behind the competition, or plain old fatigue, I can help you find the threads that continually run through your stories. Together we’ll craft your story and polish your brand so you shine as the expert you are.