Web Design & Digital Strategy



Your website is arguably your most important sales person; it sells your products and services any day of the week at any hour of the day. It’s the key asset of an online business and you know it takes more than pretty pictures to be successful.

While your biggest competitor has a swoon-worthy site, you know that you need more than a carbon copy of hers; you need one custom-crafted to suit your specific operation. And in order to do that, you know you need to start with a plan.

We’ll work together to clarify your audience, position your offers, and craft your sales funnels. We’ll plan the customer journey, so we can move your audience members from curious to committed. We’ll uncover places you could be leaving money on the table and look for marketing opportunities you may have missed.

Together we’ll build a digital home for your brilliant business, one that not only looks amazing, but builds your brand as a leader in your space. Let’s get started.

Web design and digital strategy

It can be confusing to figure out who to trust with your web design, especially if you haven’t had to hire before. Of course, the answer is, “It depends.”

Web Builder


Price range: Low cost monthly plans

Perhaps you feel that this web stuff can’t really be that difficult and you’re going to do it yourself. This is a great choice for people just getting started, but results depend largely on the skill and experience of the people involved.

While website builders are advertised as “just drag and drop!” and “no coding required!”, the truth is if you have no background in web strategy, customer journeys, or layout, it’s pretty easy to wind up with a hot mess.

You can also expect to invest a fair bit of time to learn the system or to troubleshoot parts that aren’t working as you envisioned.

This route is best for people just getting started testing a business idea. I know from experience that as soon as your idea takes off, you will likely need a professional involved.

Agency icon


Price range: $15,000 – $150,000

Agencies are often top of mind for people looking for web help. They have many resources in-house and are likely to be able to handle projects that require a lot of different skill sets.

The downside can be that you’ll need a considerably larger budget than if you were to hire an individual. You also may find an agency is not as flexible to events within your business and it can take a while to get your project completed. 

If you require a lot of different skillsets on your project (advanced technical abilities, high-end video production, ad buying), or your project is extremely large and requires custom technology, an agency might be the route for you. 

Bright Creative icon

bright creative

Price range: starts at $7800

There is a difference between launching a passable website and creating a strategic platform that will help meet your business goals. There are tons of independent designers and it’s hard to understand who to choose, especially if you’re not sure which questions to ask.

My goal is to give my clients the strategic thinking and quality of an agency while also being a more nimble, collaborative partner. I’ve been building websites since the mid-90’s. I’ve witnessed the pitfalls of proceeding without a proper plan (dotcom, anyone?) and how a strategic approach can form the foundation for a successful business.

I also believe that one of the most important things in choosing a designer is to find someone you connect with. If you’re wondering if we’d be a fit, book a virtual coffee. No sales, just getting to know each other. Looking forward to meeting you!

Wireframes & Architecture




We’ll start with a kick-off call between me and you (and any additional stakeholders) where we’ll discuss your project. We’ll review the process and get everyone on the same page as to expectations. We’ll review your brand principles, your key audiences and your competitors. We’ll also discuss the main jobs of the website, your customer acquisition plan, and review your marketing opportunities.

Architecture & Wireframes

Before we can get to design, we’ll create the site structure. I’ll build the site architecture which will give you a map of all site pages, including any often overlooked items like 404 and thank you pages. I’ll also wireframe the key views so we can ensure that our customer journey is simple and smooth. Wireframes will highlight the amount and kind of content we’ll need and allow us to highlight any additional assets that we want to create.

Web Design



Mood Boards

Next, I’ll put together some moodboards for our review. The goal of the moodboards is to choose a general direction we’d like to follow that appeals to your target market while also differentiating you from the competition. We’ll discuss over a call and choose one to move forward with. I’ll finalize the chosen direction and that will set the foundation for the concepts to come.

Design Concepts

At this stage, I’ll take the chosen direction and combine it with our wireframes to produce some initial designs of the key views. We’ll review to make sure everything is working and make any refinements. Once we have a finalized direction, I will design the rest of the site. You’ll have a chance to review all pages before we go to development.

Web Development



Once our designs are finalized, the site moves to development. This stage is handled entirely by our internal team as we ensure that all designs are translated properly to the web. Your site will work across all platforms so your on-the-go customers will still have a fabulous experience while on their phones.

We’ll develop the site using best practices to ensure the most SEO advantage and the quickest loading site. We’ll also ensure everything is easy to edit and update and we’ll include tutorial videos customized to your site to help you along.

Champagne glasses



With the project complete, we’ll move the site to the host of your choice. We’ll also update your social platforms and set up your email template so that when you unveil your new online home, everything is on brand.

Get ready to celebrate your new online home!


Web Design & Digital Strategy

For clients who are starting from scratch or are revamping their existing website.


  • Kick-off Strategy Call
  • Architecture
  • Wireframes
  • Mood Board
  • Web Design
  • Social Media Covers
  • Email Template Design
  • Web Development
  • Training

Starts at


sales pages & course materials

For clients launching a new program or course, you may need help with some or all of the following.

  • Sales Pages
  • Waitlist Pages
  • Thank You Pages
  • Presentation Slide Design
  • Course Workbooks
  • Worksheets
  • Ad Design

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