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EverPresent Giving

EverPresent Giving is changing the way we think about gift-giving by creating wrapping that’s beautiful enough to be a present. Their handcrafted, reusable gift bags are made to make gift wrapping simple and to elevate the care and thought that goes into giving the perfect gift.

When EverPresent Giving’s founder, Vesna, approached me with this project, she was just getting started, so we had a great opportunity to articulate her brand and then communicate it through a variety of touchpoints.


Brand strategy
Visual identity
Logo design
Web design & development
Hangtags & gift tags
In-store display

We started with brand strategy. Through a series of workshops, we articulated EverPresent Giving’s vision, mission, core values, key audience, brand attributes, positioning, personality, and promise. All our work was captured in a Brand Guide, a document to be shared with staff, stakeholders, and contractors in order to keep the brand strong and consistent.

The EverPresent Giving logo came out of our work in brand strategy. The hummingbird is a symbol of living in the moment, eternity, infinity and continuity, and is seen as a bringer of love, good luck, and joy; all attributes that line up with EverPresent Giving’s core values and brand promise.

EverPresent Giving sells their gift bags in retail locations which gives potential customers a chance to see and touch them and imagine their use. We wanted to give EverPresent Giving an online home and still mirror the experience of seeing the products in the real world. This is accomplished through a focus on beautiful custom photography throughout the site which not only showcases the bags but reminds people of events where an EverPresent Giving gift bag can hold the perfect gift.

In addition, the custom Shopify site is easy to update, allowing the EverPresent Giving team to keep their focus on creating beautiful products, rather than on wrangling technology.

Finally, we created a printed tent card to accompany the gift bags at their many retail locations. This card helps customers notice the gift bags on a shelf and also helps tell the EverPresent Giving story.

I have been waiting for YEARS to do this work with you and it was just an incredible experience. Your guidance helped me incorporate my values into the brand promise for my customers. An example just this week was I want customers to feel ease in gift-giving so, while we wait for the online store to be ready, I am happily committed to hand-delivering my local orders. I feel grounded in all my decisions because of this work. Thank you, Linsey!

Vesna Hozjan

Founder, EverPresent Giving

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