What is a Brand Manifesto?

What is a brand manifesto

Written by Linsey Reimer

I'm the owner of Bright Creative, where I help entrepreneurs and small businesses create strategic and scroll-stopping brand identities and websites. I'm also a massive book nerd, cat lover, super slow knitter, and wannabe beekeeper.

September 13, 2018

A manifesto is defined as “a public declaration of intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives, as one issued by a government, soverign, or organization”.

In other words, a manifesto is where you draw a line in the sand. It’s a combination of value statements and promises and helps people know what they’re in for if they come into your sphere. A great manifesto expresses the beliefs that you won’t back down on and gives your audience a benchmark to hold your brand accountable.

A manifesto is a powerful and concise statement about what your business believes. It expresses the essence of your brand and helps your audience answer the question, “Why should I care?”

It’s you, not me

When I help clients identify their brand values, I always ask if they could hold them even if it was a competitive disadvantage to do so. Writing a manifesto falls into the same bucket. These are gritty, sometimes polarizing statements that articulate the very heart of your brand.

This is where a lot of entrepreneurs fall down. They confuse what they care about with what their audience cares about. I could write a manifesto that says I like cheese and Netflix but that does nothing to express the beliefs of my brand. While I might make some friends who in turn could possibly hire me, odds are better that I will just confuse everyone about what (if anything) sets my business apart. My likes are, sadly, forgettable. 

At the end of the day, a brand manifesto serves a higher calling. It’s not a list of your favourite things; it’s a rallying cry and a line in the sand. It describes your vision for the world and allows your perfect people to join you on a mission to achieve it.

Create your own

If you want to create your own brand manifesto, here are some questions to get you started:

What do you want your business to be known for?

How do you want to impact the world?

What do you want your legacy to be?

What do you value that you can and do prove every day in your business?

What do you want to change?

What do you hope to do?

What is your biggest goal for your business?

How do you want to inspire people?

Good luck with your brand manifesto! If you’re struggling to pull your brand together, I can help.

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